Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas # 2

Hello everyone,
Here is my second attempt at a mixed media canvas.  This  time it's about my two yorkies named Cami and Mica. Hope you enjoy it.  Comments are always welcomed.  Have a great day.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas

Hi Everyone,
Here is my first attempt at making a mix media canvas. I did with my husband Bruce in mind.
I had a great time doing this but it was a learning experience.  Let me know what you think. Comments are always welcomed.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Teacup Pin Cushion Gift

Here is a video of a teacup pin cushion that was a gift to me. Love it!


Teacup Pin Cushion Swap

Hello My Scrappy Friends!!
Here's another video on a teacup pin cushion swap I was in. Enjoy!
Don't forget please leave a comment. Thanks.

Teacup Pin Cushion Swap

Hello My Scrappy Friends!!

Me again.. Well I told you I was going to do more on my blog so here it is.  This is the teacup I made for my friend Nancy for our swap.  It was my first one ever.. It's not as fancy as some of the others I have seem on You Tube but I think it came out kinda cute.  Anyways she loved it and that's what counted.
There are five of us in our little group called The Swap Gals that I had started over a year ago.
Four of us are in Miami Florida and the other swap gal is in New Jersey..Bet she's pretty cold right now while we are sweating it out over here. LOL Anyways I love these girls they have become very close friends of mine and how wonderful to have such great friends that share the same passion as you.
Love My Gals!!

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Project Lfe And How I do It

Hello My Scrappy Friends!
I know it's been a really long time since my last posting but I am back now and will be posting often. I had alot going in my life and just could not get to my blog,  But I promise it will be better now.  I got a new video camera and will be posting alot of videos from now on. Hope you all will visit my blog more often and leave me a comment. Here is one of the videos that I made in the last couple of days.