Saturday, April 21, 2012

My New Easel

Hi everyone,
Here is video of an easel I put together to work on. Hope u can use this idea.  Have a great day

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Storage Solutions

Hi everyone, Well today was a really productive day. I can only take credit for parts of  what you are  seeing.   Lets start, the first picture I came up the the storage for the blocks. I got the idea for the blocks from another blog and I thought it was great. I'm using the blocks for my Tim Holtz Distress Ink pads. The case I got at Joann's for 50 % off.  The little trays inside I got at Targets for $1.00 for 2 of them. It worked out perfectly cause the trays fit like a glove. The storage case is for 8 x 8 paper.  Sorry I forgot to tell you that I put velcro on the bottom of  blocks. My husband bought a long piece of wood and was able to cut out 21 little blocks and they are even kinda decorative. He also stained them for me. What a guy!!


I also went to the Dollar store and while I was walking around I saw these ice trays and thought they would be great to store the binder clips with the sponges attached.  These idea I also got from another blog. Sorry but I don't remember which blogs they were. The sponges are wedge makeup sponges that I folded then clipped with the binder clip.  I got the binder clips at Staple's, I beleive they were 15 for under 3 dollars.
What do you think isn't this a great idea? Also the 2 ice cube trays  fit in the storage box

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