Sunday, September 25, 2011

Altered Cigar Boxes

Here are 3 more cigar boxes I made recently. Hope you like them. Comments are welcomed.





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Angelique's Birthday

This is my grand-daughter Angelique. For the past 4 years on her birthday her and I go to Build A Bear as one of her gifts. This year she made a Hello Kitty. She really looks forward to doing this with me. I like it because it's our special thing we do. This year she also got a small rolling cart with my Baby Bug and some supplies to get her started in scrapbooking. She has already done a bit of scrapbooking and I think that she is ready for the Cricut. Woo hoo

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Swap Tag

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all doing great. I made this tag for a swap. I used the Tim Holtz Caged Bird die. I think it turned out pretty nice.
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Congrats Card

Hi Everyone,
I made this card for a really nice lady I work with who just became a RN. Congrats Carol!!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

My New Baby

Hi Guys,

Well here is the new member of my family. I just had to dress her up.

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Altered Cigar Boxes

Hi Everyone,
Here are a couple more cigar boxes that I made. What do you think?




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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Chance To Win An Expression 2

Ok guys head on over to Everyday Cricut for a chance to win an Expression 2 and check out there blog it's great.

A Chance To Win An Expression 2

Happy Easter Everyone,
I hope your all having a great day. Here is some exciting news, if you go over to Mixology Crafts you can have a chance to win the new Expression 2. Go check it out. Hurry! Hurry!!!!! They have a great website.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Gift For My Friend Somphong

Hi Everyone,
I made this mini album today for my friend who is a Monk. He and I became good friends when I had gone to Meditation classes at the Temple. That summer my grand-kids went to summer camp there and they loved it. They learned all about the Thai culture and had a great time. Well since then Somphong and I became close friends. Just kidding around he calls me Mom. I really could be his mom. Oh well I made this for him and I hope he enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for him.




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Friday, April 15, 2011

Gifts For The Cigar Box Lady

Hi everyone,
Here is what I put inside the box that I made for the lady who gives me the cigar boxes. The box is in one of the post below. I wanted to keep everything vintage looking. I had given her a tile before and she loved it so I made her another one. I used Staz-On ink on the tile and put little rubber feet on it so as not to scratch the furniture or counters. I made her 5 note cards which are really simple but I thought she would like them. She called me last night and she said she was stunned by what I have done with the boxes. I told her that I really appreciate her giving them to me. She is really funny, she said that she was hoarding a few boxes that were a little different and that after she saw what I do with them she decided that she needed to give them to me. Woo Hoo, am I lucky or what? Well I hope you all get inspired to try this yourself. Have a great day!!!


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Altered Cigar Box

Hi everyone, here is a little cigar box that I wanted to do something different and I came up with a photo box. I made small index cards that you can place a picture on both sides. I put little tabs so I could write the name of the people in the photo. I think it came out pretty nice. What do you think?

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Altered Cigar Boxes

Oh boy finally I can post again. Thanks to my friend Tia in a round-about way she was the catalist to my finding a way to post again. Thanks Tia.
Here is a cigar box that I made for the couple who gave me the cigar boxes. I am going to order the Tim Holtz feet for boxes and that will be the final touch. Comments are always welcomed. Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hi Everyone,
I hope all of you are doing great, I just wanted to give you all an update. Well i have not been able to post anything for a while now because I am having issues with my Picasa program and a couple of my other Picture programs. On Picasa ther is a button that says Blog This and every time I try to use it now it pops up a screen that says I have to be connected to the Internet to be able to use this feature. Well guess what I am connected to the internet. I am so frusterated that all I want to do is scream. The fact that it is doing the same thing with other programs leads me to believe that it is some setting on my laptop that is stopping it from working but I have checked everything that I know and still nothing. If anyone our there in Blog Land can help me I would so appreciate it.
Any how this is why I have not posted anything lately. I hope I can this restored soon. I really can't afford to have a tech guy come out and fix it cause you know how that goes. $$$$$$$$ Well hope to have some good news soon.

Monday, February 28, 2011

My Big Man And My Little Men

Is this too sweet or what? Here is my hubby and my little men. I just love this picture.

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Valentine's Day Card

I know this is a bit late but this is the card I made my hubby for Valentine's Day. It's a trifold card. I thought this card would really be hard to make but it was really simple. If you want the directions please email me and I will forward them to you.

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Little Trinket Box

Hi everyone, I have not updated my blog for awhile now cause I have been working alot which is a good thing but when I get home I'm too tired to do much. So today I decided to blog some things I've done. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

This little box I bought at Michael's for $1.00 and some change. I just thought it was cute so this is what I made using some buttons, paper and ribbon. I painted the box with acrylic lavender paint and then brushed some pearl on top of that. Hope you all like it. Comments are always welcomed.



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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Candy

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing great. One of the blogs I follow is giving away some blog candy. You need to go over the The Scrapin Diva and check it out. Have a great evening.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mini album Swap

Hi Everyone,
Well I hope you all are having a great day today. I was talking to my girlfriend one day and asked her what she thought about having a Mini Album swap with a couple of our friends and she loved the idea.

Tonight we were talking about how we would go about it. Then she said "Why don't you put it on your blog"? And I said what a great idea. So here I am.
I think it would be great if any of you would join us in this swap. I have never done this so if any of you have any suggestions I am open to then.

Please contact me if you are interested or if you have any suggestions. Thank you so much. I hope to hear from some of you. I will leave this open till Sunday Jan.9th. Have a wonderful evening.