Friday, April 15, 2011

Gifts For The Cigar Box Lady

Hi everyone,
Here is what I put inside the box that I made for the lady who gives me the cigar boxes. The box is in one of the post below. I wanted to keep everything vintage looking. I had given her a tile before and she loved it so I made her another one. I used Staz-On ink on the tile and put little rubber feet on it so as not to scratch the furniture or counters. I made her 5 note cards which are really simple but I thought she would like them. She called me last night and she said she was stunned by what I have done with the boxes. I told her that I really appreciate her giving them to me. She is really funny, she said that she was hoarding a few boxes that were a little different and that after she saw what I do with them she decided that she needed to give them to me. Woo Hoo, am I lucky or what? Well I hope you all get inspired to try this yourself. Have a great day!!!


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